Girl Overboard ♥

My name is Nikki. I love the beach & wish it was summer year round.
The summer's always lovely but the winters always hurt

 ”That night I was at his friend’s watching the Pats game, and I started feeling crampy pains in my uterus. Thought it was normal. Then I told him I felt horrible so he took me home around 930. I lied down in bed for a while.. and he sat there on the computer trying to find a live stream of the game. I was in extreme pain about an hour later. I went to the bathroom a few times, but nothing helped. Then around 1130 I got up ant went to the bathroom again, and there was blood. I ran back to the room and told him. He told me to get in the car and we drove to Milford Hospital. I got admitted to the ER, and I was there for 6 hours. That was my first ultrasound that night. The tech had the screen facing her, and I could hardly see it. I just looked at her with tear filled eyes.. and I asked her if there was anything in there. She has said it looked fine. I think she lied to make me feel better at the time. When I got up and changed, I was wiping and I could see it. The pieces of my baby. There it was. The evidence that it was over. The doctor came in and I was holding his hand… She looked at us and said “I’m sorry.” and that was it.. I had to call out of my first day of training at Potpourri, and I stayed in bed for a couple weeks. I stayed secluded in my room and away from the world. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. That’s how it happened. That’s why I am how I am.”

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